2018-01-17 15:52:28

Custom medals and trophies soft enamel medal or medallion is a portable artistic object belonging to the class known as numismatics, struck like a coin by dies on a durable metal flan or planchet of varying sizes and shapes though frequently found as the more common round piece of metal in bas relief of varying heights that has been sculpted, molded, cast, struck, stamped, or some way marked with an insignia, portrait, or other artistic rendering usually surrounded by a legend, i.e., an inscription. Medals having a rectangular shape, for example, are a special class known as plaquettes. Other irregular and non standard shapes or configurations abound including a wide variety of shapes of badges, crosses, stars, and so forth, sometimes attached to a ribbon or cord.

In the proper use of the term, medallions are larger, starting at perhaps four inches across, and are, as such, usually too large to be worn very comfortably, though in colloquial use, "medallion" is often used to refer to a medal used as the pendant of a necklace or for other types of medals. Medallions may also be called "table medals" because they are too large to be worn and can only be displayed on a wall, table top, desk, or cabinet.

Custom medals and trophies soft enamel medal that are intended to be hung from a ribbon also include a small suspension piece at the crest with which to loop a suspension ring through. It is through the ring that a ribbon is run or folded so the medal may hang pendent. Medals pinned to the breast use only a small cut of ribbon that is attached to a top bar where the brooch pin is affixed. Top bars may be hidden under the ribbon so they are not visible, be a plain device from which the ribbon attaches, or may even be decorative to complement the design on the medal. Some top bars are elaborate and contain a whole design unto themselves.

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