2018-02-07 17:07:30

An custom embroidered patches for clothing also known as a cloth badge, is a piece of embroidery which is created by using a fabric backing and thread. The art of making embroidered patches is an old tradition and was originally done by hand. High-speed, computerized machines have led to mass production.

There are various methods of affixing them to the fabric surface. custom embroidered patches for clothing can be attached with a pin, sewn on, or affixed with more modern methods such as iron-on, dryer heat-activated adhesive, and Velcro backing.

Custom embroidered patches for clothing—an important identification tool for military and other uniformed personnel—trace their roots thousands of years ago to ancient cultures of the China,where the art of decorating fabric with thread stitching originated.Elaborate hand-stitched designs and patterns were used to embellish the robes of royalty and for religious artifacts.

Custom embroidered patches for clothing are used by government organisations (including uniforms of military forces, emergency services and other specialised workers), sports teams and companies in the private sector to denote rank, job, specific position or specialised unit. Youth groups, including sports teams, scouting organizations and specialized clubs, often wear clothing emblazoned with embroidered patches. They are also used by space agencies on the uniforms of astronauts to denote the mission. Patches are collected by enthusiasts as well.

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